Description of the tube

Description of the tube

What is an extruded tube ?

Monolayer tube in Polyethylene which can be made in different densities :

  • Low Density = soft with moderate resistance to chemical agression
  • Mix Low and High Density = stronger with good resistance to chemical agression
  • High Density = rigid with and strong resistance to chemical agression
  • Printing on cylindrical tube

Why choose an extruded tube ?

  • Shiny or matt tube
  • White tube or translucent or mass colored
  • Offset prinintg 1-6 colors
  • Silkcreening 1-6 colors
  • Hot stamping for tubes and caps
  • Wide range of caps
Vernis brillant ou mat
Tube blanc, translucide ou teinté masse
Impression offset 1-6 couleurs
Sérigraphie 1-6 couleurs
Marquage à chaud tubes et bouchons
Large choix de bouchage

Available options according to quantity

Technical informations


In order to familiarize with the terms linked to flexible plastic tubes and printing, you will find here a lexical.

Standard packaging

Tubes are packaged head first, in a cardboard box (with or withour plastic cover). 4 boxes per layer on wooden palett 80cmx120cm. Quantity per box according to tube diameter  :

  • D25 : 383 tubes
  • D30 : 259 tubes
  • D35 : 192 tubes
  • D40 : 140 tubes
  • D50 and D50 canula : 88 tubes