Who are we ?

The SARL Ets Bugnon is a French SME specialized in the production flexible plastic tube for pasty product (cream, gels, shampoos, exfoliate packaging) for small and medium production batches (1'000 - 250'000 tubes).

Where are we ?

Ets Bugnon is located in Lugrin (Haute-Savoie, FRANCE) on a 3500m² factory between Léman Lac and Chablais's massif, 45min from Geneva.
Between France, Italie and Switzland, the location is ideal for an international mobility.

What is a Laminated tube ?

Our Laminated tube (or multilayer) is a 3 layers composed tube (PE-EVOH-PE). This packaging have an EVOH Barrier which protect the product from Oxygen, water steam or aroma migration. We use the Digital printing process on flat tube then we form the cylindric tube. This tube offer an invisible longitudinal weld.

What is a digital printing ?

The digital printing (CyanMagentaYellowKey) is the process we use to print on our laminated tubes. This technic allow us to print high quality design (600 DPI against 120 DPI offset printing).
Advantages : Infographic flat fee per design, a better image quality for a low MOQ, Good for Print on flat tube.

What is an offset printing ?

The offset printing is used on our extruded tube. This process allows us to print simple or complex designs up to 6 colours (Pantone).

What is a silkscreen printing ?

Silkscreen printing is a secondary process. It allows a better coverage of the ink and add a relief effect on the printed elements. This operation is recommended for translucent or Mass colored tubes. 6 colours available on diameter D35/40/50.

What is a hot stamping ?

The hot stamping is a secondary process. It allows a foil coverage of specific element of the design. The foil can be Gold or Silver aspect. A hot stamping contouring is available on the screw cap or the flip top. 

What is an extruded tube ?

The extruded tube is a mono-material tube made of PolyEthylene. 3 densities are available :
-Low Density (LDPE, soft)
-Medium density (mix between LDPE and HDPE good resistance against chemical agression).
-High density (HDPE, rigide and strong resistance against chemical agressions)
The printing happens on the Cylindrical tube. Available diameters : 25/30/35/40/50mm.

How to choose your packaging tube ?

Different factors will determine the choice of your futur tube : your formula (sensible, agressive or neutral), your design (complexe or not, the material) or the wished rigidity.

What are our Minimum Quantity Order ?

Our MOQ :
-1000 for white tubes,
-2'500 digital printed tubes (laminated tubes) or offset printed tubes (1-4 couleurs, extruded tubes),
-5'000 complex offset printed tubes (5-6 couleurs),
-10'000 organic PE tubes (minimum per diameter).

What is our lead time ?

Our lead time depend of your order, it evolve and is currently fixed to 6-8 weeks after approval of the acknowledgment receipt and good for printing.

Can you do Laboratory tests on tubes ?

No, to test our tubes (compatibility, filling or restitution) you need to directly contact a laboratory.

Where can you fill our tubes ?

2 options is available : Invest in a small welding machine (low investment) or a cosmetic conditioneur.

What are our certifications

All of our product are ECOCERT COSMOS and food contact certified. Our company is ISO 9001 certified (2015 version).

What is our bio tube ?

Our Organic PE tube is produced with sugarcane Ethanol. The production, from sugarcane seeding to the tube, produce 75% less CO2 than a standard PE. This bio PE tube present the same characteristic as our classical PE tube. It has a good resistance against chemical aggression.
Nowadays, a bio-degradable packaging isn’t a developed solution in the cosmetic market. In fact, the necessaries characteristics for a bio-degradable packaging don’t exist in a natural state. The conservation is also the main issue for this kind of packaging.