Description of the tube

Description of the tube

Manufacture of a multilayer tube

What is a multilayer tube?

  • Flexible tube PE-EVOH-PE (400 microns)
  • Digital printing, CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black)
  • Shiny Aspect
  • Matt varnish
  • Hot Stamping tubes and caps

Why choose multilayer tube ?

  • EVOH barrier inside the body of the tube => very good barrier to oxygen-gaz-solvents-oils
  • Longitudinale sealing invisble (once the tube is filled, same aspect as a cosmetic tube "classical" )
  • High resolutions decoration 600 dpi (dot per inch)
  • No offset plates but a pre-press fee cheaper
  • No offset complex extra cost
  • Good for printing =  Flat printing, ready in 2-3 days
  • Better leader time than extruded tube
  • Interesting MOQ

Available options according to quantities

Technical informations


In order to faliliarize with the terms linked to flexible plastic tubes and printing, you will find here a lexical.

Standard packaging

Tubes packaged head first, in a cardboard box (with or withour plastic cover). 4boxes per layer on wooden palett  80cmx120cm. Quantity per box according to tube diameter  :

  • D35 : 192 tubes
  • D40 : 140 tubes
  • D50 et D50 canula : 88 tubes